John Neate – Production Director

John Neate

About John

Last year I celebrated (or should I say survived?) 40 years in the business. I can actually remember the days before computers, emails and mobile phones. Of course, no internet either, so some happy memories of researching (!) at Manchester Central Library.

I joined my first agency in 1972 where I was responsible for artwork production, ordering repro (hot metal!) and eventually, promoted into the hallowed area of print buying. I worked with quite a few ‘characters’. Some really were eccentric, even mad but some were truly inspirational and I learnt a tremendous amount from them. Those early days gave me the skills and knowledge to progress in different agencies and to eventually become head of production at BDH (now TBWA) where I worked for 10 years before setting up Access with Simon and Sarah.

In my spare time I've been known to climb the odd fell in the Lakes, Snowdonia and Dark Peak.

What is your hidden talent?
Being average.
What are your pet hates?
Dog fouling, litter dropping, most of the Question Time panellists and audience, insincerity, jobsworths and hypocrites. Oh, and reality TV.
Chicken, Fish or Veggies?
Oven roasted Chicken.
What is your ideal holiday destination?
Climbing in the Himalaya.
What super power would you have?

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