Phil Norton – Head of Development

Phil Norton

About Phil

I’m the founder and administrator of #! Code and currently the Technical Lead at Access. I work with clients and our internal teams to build websites and applications using PHP and Drupal.

I Graduated from Aberystwyth University in 2003 with an MSc in Computer Science and have previously worked as a database administrator, on an IT help desk, systems trainer, web architect, usability consultant, blogger and SEO specialist. I’ve gained lots of experience building and maintaining PHP websites as well as working with associated technologies like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, Flex, Apache, MySQL and Linux.

In my spare time I use my skills to give something back to the web community by writing plugins for content management systems like Wordpress and Drupal, writing articles on #! Code and contributing to local programming events. I also help to run and organise North West Drupal User Group.

Your hidden talent?
I can name the title of any film I have seen within about 10 seconds and sometimes even from just a single frame.
Chicken, fish or veggies?
Sounds good.
Favourite website?
What super power would you have?
To live forever.
First record you bought?
Rage Against the Machine.

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