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My first guest lecture (and Sophie's too)

Rob Goodswen   —   7 March 2014   —   Opinion

Manchester Metropolitan University

While I was at uni, I found that some of the best classes were those where our tutor had invited in a guest speaker. I’m not sure if this was because I knew I wouldn’t be tested on the lecture’s content at the end of the module, or because these lectures were some of the most interesting, giving insight into how I could put my studies and work into practice.

With these thoughts in mind, last month our MD Simon Landi, Account Executive Sophie and I embarked on delivering our own guest lecture to first year Sports Management students at Manchester Metropolitan University, where we offered insight into agency life.

As recent graduates, Sophie and I spoke about how we landed our roles in a creative and digital agency so quickly after finishing our studies. The hour long lecture gave us the opportunity to speak openly about agency life and answered questions on our roles, responsibilities and day-to-day activities.

It’s fair to say we had a ball, and judging by the feedback I’d say we did pretty well. This will hopefully be the first of many guest lectures.

A very informative and enjoyable presentation yesterday from Simon Landi, Rob Goodswen, and Sophie Donaldson representing marketing agency, Access. 

There was an enthusiastic, amusing approach to the presentation, and the information included gave me a great understanding of the fun, hard working environment that Simon, Rob, and Sophie work in. Personally I found their information made it an extremely appealing prospect for the future. We were given a real insight into the ways the company engages with clients and staff to generate meaningful relationships and an exciting working environment whilst delivering the best service to the customer

Greg Pearson 1st year Sports Management and Marketing MMU

Access came in to speak to a group of 1st year sport management students this morning to provide an insight into working within a vibrant marketing agency. They gave an inspirational presentation that showed their passion, enthusiasm and dedication in the field of marketing and social media. It was evident that Rob and Sophie had given significant thought to the presentation - both providing examples that the students would relate to and delivering to the brief provided. I would have no hesitation in asking them back to talk to our students again - in fact I have already!”

Anne Thompson Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

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