Sam King   —   26 August 2014   —   Opinion

Sam King

Sam King recently joined the Access client management team as an Account Manager, here are his thoughts after one week at Access…

Settling in

In just one week at Access I’ve met an amazing energetic team of people, written a proposal document to work with a children’s charity on their digital fund raising, drafted a marketing strategy for an exciting national app launch, written a set of best practice analytics guidelines and most importantly not got a round of teas horrifically wrong. I’ve certainly been given ample opportunity to demonstrate what I sold the agency on in my interview!

Getting up-to speed

The entire agency have been immensely welcoming and knowledgeable, there is a great collaborative attitude here with open frank conversations and all inputs given attention and acknowledgement, the kind of atmosphere you dream of working in and ensures a great standard of innovative work gets produced.

Being brought into projects in progress is always a challenge, you don’t want to step on any toes or bring up areas already agreed upon but every new starter wants to feel immediately useful. The control and clarity of projects combined with the openness of staff have made the transitions seamless so far. I don’t think I’ll be the ‘new guy’ for long.

Just the beginning

When I started my search for a new agency I didn’t know it, but Access was exactly what I was looking for. An ambitious agency with a pragmatic view to the work and exciting marketing on the mind. Access has a great approach to encouraging and facilitating professional growth to get the most out of their people and I’m looking forward to finding out how far I’ll come and contribute to the agency.

My time here has only just begun but the signs are very promising...

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