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4 ways to make Facebook work harder for you

Becky Yardley   —   20 October 2015   —   Content & Social

Facebook advertising

Did you know, an average brand post on Facebook will reach less than 8% of that brand’s total number of fans. Why? Because there’s just too many posts for you to see them all.

That’s the official line at least, and pretty annoying when you have worked hard to build a big following on Facebook.  But it’s surely no coincidence that Facebook has a way around this, by letting you pay to show your content to more people. A service that also happened to make Facebook £1.9 billion profit in 2014. Clever.

On the bright side, this huge stream of revenue for Facebook is improving all the time, and the opportunities to reach your target audience are really quite sophisticated.

If you’re thinking about going down the Facebook advertising route, it’s a good choice, but to get the most bang for your buck, here’s a few examples of how to make it work harder for you:

Target a database of email addresses:

Be smarter with your Facebook advertising by targeting your consumers based on their email address. Know who’s bought a certain product, like a pair of shoes? Show them the dress to wear it with and increase repeat purchases. Got a list of email address that dropped off before checkout? Directly retarget them with a specific deal or promo code and give them a reason to convert on your site.

         Facebook customer list of audiences option

Target people based on their location

Want to drive people to an event or destination? Did you know you can target people within a certain location on Facebook, on a certain day, at a certain time? For example, if you know there’s a big rugby match on and you sell rugby tops ten minutes from the stadium, target impulse shoppers with a spontaneous deal when they’re near your shop on the day of the game. Sell bike gear? Target cyclists on a Sunday afternoon when they're back from their morning ride and fancy some new kit.

Selecting the mapped location of where you want the advertising to feature

Gather leads and data

How much is an email address worth to you? What about if you know the person behind that email address is your target consumer, the right age, gender, location and even job title that you aim to attract? Facebook’s new leads form lets you capture people’s data without ever having to leave the site. This new feature promises to be a much easier and more efficient way of gaining valuable leads, one that we’re testing and keeping a close eye on.

The advertisement on phone and then sign up form after clicking

Measure conversions with a tracking pixel

When it comes to measuring success, don’t guess. There’s more to Facebook analytics than seeing how many Likes or clicks your post receives. By embedding a tracking pixel into your website, you can directly link up your Facebook ads to your booking/purchase or other confirmation page. Forget the old justification of ‘Facebook increases my brand awareness, which will naturally result in more sales’ now you can prove that your Facebook marketing is converting and give an exact ROI.

If this sounds exciting to you, get in touch for a chat about how we can help deliver results through Facebook advertising.


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