Prime Student Living – Creating an extraordinary accommodation experience for students in Sheffield

The Client

Prime Student Living is a large provider of student accommodation in the UK, managing over 3,000 rooms in 11 properties across 10 cities.

The Brief

To promote the launch of Sheffield Brass Founders accommodation, and transform people’s perception of Prime Student Living from merely a provider of student accommodation to a whole experience in itself.

The Idea

Brass Founders isn’t simply accommodation, but a platform for students’ first adult experiences in discovering who they really are. Let’s create an environment where that’s true.

The Solution


Undergraduates are humans, not caricatures. We needed messages that they could relate to but wouldn’t patronise, a friendly tone of voice that still sparked thought and action towards Prime Student Living. To achieve this, we produced an assortment of life-affirming, inspirational, journey driven quotes, that constantly inspired and reassured them that Sheffield Brass Founders is the right accommodation for them.


Too often brands use stereotypical visual language such as emojis or stock photos when trying to appeal to students, and usually end up appealing to no one. We wanted to elevate Prime Student Living into a new arena, with modern visuals that were familiar, eye-catching, and offered undertones that support and reinforce the copy. We produced a wide range of designs, with simple, abstract patterns alongside arrows symbolic of direction for the journey they were embarking on in Sheffield.


We rolled out messages in places likely to catch the attention of our audience, such as on coffee cups, leaflets, and similar collateral.

We also advertised and held events at the Sheffield Student Union, offering free food and drink to collect students’ details and drive interest towards show flat.

We ran Facebook ads and produced content for Prime Student Living’s social media channels to further promote the property’s launch on a variety of platforms.

The Results

Activity took place between March 4th 2017 and May 4th.

  • Student bookings for Brass Founders increased by 1022%.
  • The Facebook ads reached over 26,000 people, and received 159,000 local impressions.
  • Prime Student Living’s website gained 11,000 pageviews.
  • Brass Founders’ property page received over 1700 hits.  
  • Approximately 3,000+ leaflets handed out at various events.
  • Over 480 email addresses collected at events.
  • On average, 29.65% of follow up emails were opened by students.

The Testimonial

“To promote the launch of our latest state of the art property in Sheffield, we needed a high quality campaign to match. Access delivered excellent creative through their original interpretation of the brief. Our relationship throughout was great, as were the results.”

Richard Caton, Marketing Manager

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Animated Prime Student Living advertisements

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