Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – On this day: Destination Marketing Campaign

The Question

Campaign concept:
On this day, nationwide reach.

The London Legacy Development Corporation’s objective is to ensure the success of the 2012 London Olympics is continued and continues to benefit London and the UK as a whole. As part of this remit they have ensured ongoing futures for all of the permanent venues but they are also invested in ensuring the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park has a future and is fully utilised by London and UK residents.

The Answer

The park faced a number of challenges in its current perceptions; market research suggested the general public thought it was inaccessible, empty, a building site, replaced by flats, or otherwise left fallow! Fortunately the park is actually none of those things! The park is alive with activities, boasts a range of play areas, cafés, some beautiful vegetation, and the Olympic venues are very accessible. Where the park was falling down was communicating these things to the wider ‘London Visitor’ audiences.

We sought to leverage its naturally strong qualities with its historic attachments, bringing the park up to date and associating the liveliness and grandeur of the Olympics with current activity available to the everyman. The ‘On this day’ concept takes inspirational Olympians we know on a first-name basis – Mo (Farah), Bradley (Wiggins), Ellie (Simmonds), Chris (Hoy) – but relating their heroics to the everyday activities of regular people. The copy and images had to hit a warm, welcoming and aspirational note. We turn Olympic success on its head, celebrating instead the ‘mini-wins’ that can shape a child’s life or a family’s memories and the experiences all families can enjoy together.

For instance on this day in 2012, Ellie Simmonds may have free-styled her way to 400m glory, but today, 7 year old Chloe swam her first length in the pool of champions. Playing the two events off against each other highlights how uplifting and inspirational they are in their own ways, whilst also alluding to the potential for future greatness. Olympians were of course all children once...

This line can be used generically to cover a range of locations and audiences but can also be applied tactically to specific upcoming events such as the Rugby World Cup.

The sign-off links the park to the 2012 Olympics ‘Making memories since 2012’ summarising the ongoing opportunities the Park provides and the successes of the London games.

It was very clear we needed to create a seamless communications journey, from the external activity (outdoor was used extensively) and from online (email, paid social, display and video) to both the homepage and the dedicated campaign page to maximise conversion to watch the video or download a relevant flyer. The campaign landing pages also allow us begin the data capture process for future marketing targeting.

We produced the most pressing collateral using preexisting assets and organised a photoshoot to cover off the other requirements.

We went from submitting our initial tender to the first posters going on display on the London Underground in less than 8 weeks which included getting designs and artwork through the procurement department and multi-tiered sign-off process.

Specific features and functionality delivered in this project

  • Devising a creative concept and workable examples from the tender brief
  • Advising and managing media opportunities to broaden the scope of the initial campaign
  • Artworking marketing collateral for a range of platforms, from 48 sheets to digital escalator panels, to webpages and social media posts.
  • Production of video for display online and on digital platforms including YouTube pre-roll adverts
  • A PPC and YouTube True View campaign is set to launch imminently

Results and Achievements

The campaign was a resounding success, overall we saw uplift to both the website visitor numbers and, more importantly, visitors to the park:

  • Over 30% increase in visitor numbers during peak summer months 14/15 - 15/16
  • A 9.8% uplift in overall park attendance 14/15 - 15/16 
  • A 70% increase in visits to campaign pages since going live
  • Website page views increased by 27.5% over the campaign period


" Access showed a level of insight and creativity unrivalled in the tender process and one we’re sure will engage our target audience with the wonderful parklands, assets and attractions that make up the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. "

Laura Parker - Senior Marketing Manager, London Legacy Development Corporation

Euston tickethall with QEOP advertising
Examples of the panels that go next to escalators
QEOP poster at Liverpool Street tube platform
QEOP advertisement at Deansgate, Manchester
QEOP posters aside the escalators at Liverpool Street

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