Perfect Fit Media – Driving sales with an interactive website for media sales company, Perfect Fit Media

The Question:

Formerly Peel Advertising, Perfect Fit Media helps businesses secure advertising space in prime locations around the UK, including poster promotions and billboards in premium malls. Having relaunched their brand, they approached us to help promote their national, regional and local reach which includes thousands of media spaces across the country. We were tasked with driving online sales by highlighting their extensive network of media spaces. 

The Answer:

We designed and built a fully responsive website that allows customers to search interactive maps showing media spaces in any given location. They simply select the region and the size of advert they are interested in and are given a range of top locations where they can search for the exact spots they want to place their adverts.

The mapping functionality was achieved by extending the CMS capabilities and integrating it with the Google Maps API that makes use of the Google Geo Coder API. When supplied with an address the geo coder enables Google to pin point the address on the map. We used colour and a simple layout to display the data in a visually appealing way. The search is configured so it uses AJAX, meaning that when customers update the search it only reloads the map instead of the whole page.

For every pin, customers see key information including a picture and description of the media space as well as a link to email the Perfect Fit Media sales team. The sales team receive a request with all the relevant information including the pin ID, enabling them to generate a quote and secure a sale. 

Because there are over 100 media sites per location we built a bulk uploader which allows Perfect Fit Media to import any changes with ease. Instead of having to edit each location, they can upload all changes in one go, saving time and avoiding duplication.


Driving sales with an interactive website for media sales company, Perfect Fit Media Case Study

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