Plumbs Prestige Reupholstery – brand photography

Case Study

The Question:

How can respected mainstream furniture reupholsterer diversify into the luxury market on a limited budget?

The Answer:

Plumbs typically uses its in-house studio with conventional room sets, which are perfect for mainstream shots. But they weren’t right for launching their luxury new sub-brand, Prestige Reupholstery.

Access decided to position Prestige as 'Part of the Plumbs Family' to give the brand a distinctive identity, benefitting from over 50 years of success.

We shot a range of lifestyle and product shots on location, in both a beautiful house and in a workshop, to convey the luxury of the product alongside the craftsmanship that goes into producing it. 

The Result:

By going out of our way to find the right location and working around the clock to squeeze photography and video shoots into one day, we managed to capture a whole range of beautiful shots that really set the brand apart in a 'ground breaking' way without breaking the bank. In-house art direction and room styling further brought the costs down. The result? One very satisfied Plumbs family.



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