Welsh Government - Live Fear Free, Sexual Violence Campaign

Case Study

The Question:

Following previous hugely successful campaigns, we were asked to raise awareness of sexual violence against women and domestic abuse. Was it possible to create a film that raised awareness and challenged head-on the common misconception that sexual violence only occurs outside of relationships?

The Answer:

Despite strict Governmental restrictions, we created a film that was both shocking, yet compelling. It brought home the reality of sexual violence, but with insight, perfectly pitched dramatic relevance and an empathy for the victim’s helplessness. The strength of the concept lay in the normality that sexual violence and domestic abuse often hides behind.

The Result:

The main aims were to raise awareness, change attitudes and behaviour. The public involvement was clear through the online debate that was (and still is) taking place on the Live Fear Free website. We have also kept a close eye on the number of views on YouTube, which to date are up to 52,000, which makes it the most viewed online video ever for the Welsh Government.

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