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Psychology, Selling and the Internet – Part 2 of 5

Barry McPhillips   —   14 July 2011   —   Opinion

...continued from Psychology, Selling and the Internet – Part 1 of 5

2. Listening to authority

Brian Tracy

We all know it – people listen unquestioningly to authoritative figures. If you hold anyone in high regard as an authority, you will usually unquestioningly listen and do as they say. Think about your doctor, lawyer, and sports coach. These people can tell you to do what most people can’t and you will almost always do it without questioning it.

This means that your site should have someone or some organisation of recognised authority in that field saying something positive about your product or service. It doesn’t have to be famous people, just authority heads. For example, a travel service can have a review by some magazine editor and a healthcare site can have some comments from some doctors.

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