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What can you do in six seconds?

Nyree Hughes   —   1 May 2013   —   Content & Social

Vine Logo

Our favourite micro-movie maker Vine, this week updated the app with a few new features.

The service can now support front-facing cameras and allows you to switch angles mid-creation.  Not only this, but you can also add @ id’s by tapping the mention button when publishing the post.  People search has also been updated, making it easier to find your Twitter buds.

This is all lovely, you may think, but how can a 6-second video help me and my business?   Vine has great potential for business, even those in the B2B field.  Getting started with Vine for B2B can be a bit challenging, but keep the following questions in mind…

What’s your message? 

You do only have six seconds, so ensure that you have a clearly defined message prior to recording and posting

Does your Vine video have context?

Provide a little detail in the body of the tweet to help viewers understand what they are about to watch and why this should be important to them

What’s the call to action? 

It’s important to give the viewer a clear idea of what you want them to take away from watching, this can be added to the tweet message

What can I film?  

  • Use Vine to attract people to your Stand/Booth whilst at an exhibition -  preview a product demo, show the set up (the ups and downs) share the names of those people that will be greeting visitors - giving a face to your brand
  • Take people inside your office/shop/facility: This gives you the opportunity to humanize the business, not only does it showcase the brand and its people, it could also be used as a recruitment tool!
  • Bring a presentation to life:  If you’re after sign-ups for a conference or even a webinar, why not record a vine video related to your next event, just like this one from Marketingprofs.
  • New product release: Preview your new product and share the video with journalists along with your press release
  • Share your client work: Create footage of your designs, products etc and use them in presentations as a moving image instead of a static picture

Have I won you over?  Do you need to know how to get started?


  • Download Vine app from iTunes 
  • Create a Vine account using your Twitter profile or an email address.
  • Find people to follow by going to your profile and clicking the People icon or go to settings and use the Find People option under Friends.
  • Connect your Facebook account to share videos on Facebook  -  this only works on personal profiles
  • Click the camera icon to start recording. Press your finger on the screen to record and release it to stop.
  • When filming has finished, click Continue to share your video -  you can share on Vine, Twitter and Facebook

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