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My Manchester Talent Day experience

Sophie Donaldson   —   17 February 2014   —   Opinion

Sophie at Manchester Talent Day

A year ago, I was in the exact same position as many who attended the Manchester Talent Day, as a soon to be graduate from my Media and Marketing degree at Lancaster Uni. Fast forward 12 months and I was asked to attend as a representative of Access. In my relatively short time at the company I have gone through a massive learning curve and was thrilled to be able to go and talk  to people who, like me last year, wanted to find out more about how to get into the marketing industry. I was joined on our stand by our Digital Director Mark Hope and our Social Media Executive Rob Goodswen.

Our plan of attack

We were at the event not only to talk to people wanting to learn about the marketing industry but to give out information on our specific job roles and Access as a company. I have to admit that both Rob and I were a bit nervous talking with people about something which we are both fairly new to, but, as it turned out I think we did a really good job. There was a constant stream of visitors to the table and we hardly got a minutes peace. Whilst I didn’t lose my voice, I think it was pretty close at one point.

The great thing about the talent day is that not only are we talking to students who are preparing to graduate but also to college age students who are still deciding which direction they want their career to go. This gave us the chance to pass on advice about how to be as prepared as possible for the working world.

Meeting new faces

It also gave me the chance to talk to lots of people who work in different agencies in and around Manchester. As I continue to develop my skill set and grow as an Access employee, making connections across the industry will allow me to gain more knowledge about the types of jobs they do. It was especially nice to talk with Lucy and Rachel from The E Word who look after our SEO and Gabi from Melbourne who manage our web hosting. A big thanks must go out to both Katie Gallagher and Rachel Thompson who must have worked tirelessly for the last few months to put such a fantastic event together.

Hopefully we’ll see you all next year, behind your tables representing your new companies much like me and Rob.

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