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Consumer insights, market research, product acceptance, shopping experience, buying behaviour and market entry research.

Research plays a huge part in formulating effective marketing strategies. Data reveals new insights about your brand, your customers and your market, and uncovers hidden opportunities.

Whatever your research requirement, be it market entry research to assess the size of an opportunity or the need for audience insights to gain a better understanding of brand perceptions, the Thinkery research team can help.

Working with our experienced team of specialist research partners, we provide the full service. We’ll recommend an approach from a comprehensive range of qualitative and quantitative research solutions to ensure we gather the right level of in-depth and usable insights to support your marketing strategy.  

'The quality and substance of the presentation was extremely well received, so much so the Head of Buying said: “In 15 years that was the best presentation I've had from any manufacturer or supplier!"'

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Adding value

The value we add as a specialist in marketing communications is to manage the process seamlessly and effectively - a single agency contact involved throughout the process who understands exactly what you want to achieve and champions your objectives during the scoping, planning and execution of the campaign.

Monitor your competition

To support your research efforts, our Thinkery team will research your competitors, comparing their service offering, messaging and website functionality as well as providing an easy to digest and interpret summary of findings.

Make your findings compelling

Access will create the visual stimulus to aid the research process and help you maximise your strategy document or sales pitch; presenting your findings in a clear, compelling and concise manner which clearly highlights the desired results and sells the solution.

Take time and a little budget to get your audience insight right and you could save yourself millions when developing a product or shaping your marketing strategy.

‘The buyers were also very impressed with the promotional ideas - “Our business needs ideas like this targeted at the younger demographic and these will certainly resonate with them.”’

Thinkery client

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