Welsh Government – Violence Against Women

Case Study

The Question:

OK, this is a tough one. How do you make the average guy on the street see that a wolf whistle is one end of a sliding scale and at the other end of that scale is physical abuse and violence?

The Answer:

Challenge the attitudes of gender inequality in Wales by highlighting the role of basic sexism in violence against women. Access asked, “Where does harmless end and abusive begin?” in a series of TV ads, outdoor posters, an online toolkit, pr and online advertising that featured typically sexist situations.

The Result:

The campaign had a high level of spontaneous awareness at 43%, rising to 54% when prompted. Research showed a positive shift in attitude as a direct result of the campaign. The website had 10-times more viewings than others supported by the Welsh Assembly Government within its first 2 days, and of all the videos ever made, clocked up 68% of viewings by the end of the campaign.

“The creative engaged and resonated well with the audience and contributed towards measurable behavioural change. Access handled a difficult subject matter with aplomb and should be congratulated for turning around the project so quickly while maintaining a high level of professionalism”

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