Welsh Government - Affects of Domestic Abuse on Children

Case Study

The Question:

Could we highlight the impact that domestic abuse has on children? Could a film shed light on the situation and encourage the victim to do something about it, if not for them, for their children. We wanted victims to act, friends, family and neighbours to be vigilant. Could we get people to speak out - if for nobody else, speak out for the children?

The Answer:

With a subject as sensitive as the damaging and lasting impact that domestic abuse can have on children, shock is the easy option. In this case, we preferred to use truth and insight, which in itself produced a relevant and yes, shocking portrayal of growing up in a home with domestic abuse playing a part in everyday life.

The Result:

Our main aim was to encourage people to speak out. And they did. We’re pleased to see that public engagement and debates are still happening on the Live Fear Free website. Numbers of online views also gives us a good idea on the kind of impact the film has had; which to date is around the 12,000 mark. During the 2-week campaign, the website had well over 17,000 visitors.

Awareness Boost:

Awareness Boost:

Thanks to the extra ‘noise’ and PR it created, we’re delighted that the video was recognised at this year’s IPA Best of Health Awards, in their ‘Communications Aimed At Consumers’ film category.

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