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YouTube one channel on multiple devices

Over the past week YouTube have rolled out a new look for all YouTube channels, called YouTube One Channel. This new look comes with a few neat features.

The first is that everyone can now whack a great big header on the top of their page (called channel art), this header will supposedly then scale to any size screen so it will look good on any device. It also allows you to integrate your social links better than you could previously.

The second key feature is that a video trailer will start playing when any unsubscribed user visits your channel. This gives channel owners a bit more control over what a new visitor first sees when they land on a channel for the first time. YouTube suggests users should "treat this trailer as if it were an ad."

Thirdly, users can also organise videos and playlists better, having more control over what content subscribers see when they click on their channel. You can now create ‘sections’ with various layouts to highlight your best content.

Finally, InVideo Programming gives users the ability to promote their channel or a specific video more prominently across all of your videos. It’s quite a cool little feature if you want to generate views for a new video and try and increase subscriptions to your channel.

For good examples and more information on the YouTube One Channel page.

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