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Access supports local tech community as headline sponsor of NWDUG’s unconference 2017

  —   25 August 2017   —   Access News

NWDUG Unconference Logo

We’re proud to announce that Access is the Gold Sponsor of NWDUG unconference 2017!

Support of this local tech-community organised event continues Access’ long running involvement with the open source software, Drupal, and its community. Access is also a Drupal Association Supporting Partner and regular sponsor of events and conferences, including this year’s main international conference, Drupalcon Vienna.

What is the NWDUG unconference?

The NWDUG (The North West Drupal User Group) unconference is the opposite of a conference. Where conferences have a formal schedule, predetermined speakers and a more official atmosphere, the NWDUG unconference is a more casual take on a conference. An unconference starts with no agenda until the attendees, not the organisers, determine one.

Everyone is encouraged to bring a talk to the event, with the day having 30-minute slots including time for questions. The focus of the unconference is the Drupal Content Management Framework, but supporting subjects including databases, frameworks, security, UX, front-end development and design are also encouraged.

Who runs the NWDUG unconference?

NWDUG and the NWDUG unconference is organised by three volunteers from the Drupal community; Access team members Irina Macovei and Phil Norton, along with freelancer and friend of Access, Eli Ward.

Mark Hope, Digital Director had this to say about the sponsorship:

“The success of Drupal is largely down to the passion and commitment of its developer community and NWDUG are making significant contributions to building that in Manchester and around the North West – it’s important that Access supports that. The unconference event is really accessible and inclusive and an ideal opportunity for first time speakers, or to drop in and find out more about Drupal from the experts."  

Sounds exciting. When is it on?

Date: November 4th

Location: MadLab, Manchester

Find out more:

Buy tickets: NWDUG Unconference 2017

Twitter: @nwdug


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