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My Favourite App(s) - Paul Gregory

  —   13 September 2013   —   Opinion

The apps I use the most on my iPhone are fairly obvious: Safari, Mail, Calendar, Podcasts, Sky News, Facebook. If you're interested, the app I probably use the least: Phone. There's no fun in talking about these though so as part of our series of 'My Favourite App' blogs, I've decided to share two handy apps you might not know about.


Really easy off-line streetmaps on your phone. You might think you don't need this app but it's a lifesaver when you're abroad and you've got your 3G data turned off. MapsWithMe allows you to selectively download maps to your phone for countries, regions, cantons all around the world before you travel there. The maps are provided by OpenStreetMap which means they look different to Google Maps but the data is really reliable. For the heart wrenching price of £2.99 you can upgrade to the full version that allows you to do street lookups, but the free version is pretty good for general pottering around the streets of a foreign land. The integrated compass feature also proved highly useful when I got lost in Delamere forest once with no signal. One downside though, the maps you download are fairly chunky so only download the ones you really need and save room for more Daft Punk songs.



Movies by Flixster

Movies by Flixster

Movie reviews (by Rotten Tomatoes), trailers and cinema times all squished in to a neat and easy to use package. Over the years I've tried various cinema times and movie trailer apps and they're all crap to use and painful to look at (that includes the IMDB app).

I downloaded the Flixster app a few months ago and was really surprised at how useable it is. I think my favourite element is being able to flag current or future movies as 'Want to see it' and it sticks these films in a handy list so you can keep an eye on the release date.

With the reviews powered by Rotten Tomatoes, you get a really good overview of what critics and watchers are thinking. Want local showtimes for a particular movie? It just works.

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