Paul Gregory – Solutions Architect

Paul Gregory

About Paul

Originally from the northern suburbs of Manchester, I stayed near to home by studying Computing and Geography at The University of Manchester. My hobby at uni was learning PHP and web technologies and after I graduated in 2006 I went looking for a web development job. After a short spell at a city centre design agency I made the move to Access in 2007. I quickly picked up the bug for Drupal and developed several large sites from start to finish. As our digital team grew I found myself focusing more and more on front-end development. Recently, I’ve expanded my role in to user experience design by working closely with our designers to produce usable and beautiful websites. As well as websites, I also look after the office plants and do some of our internal photography.

What are your pet hates?
Open toed footwear, food with seeds in and online phrases “Welcome to our website”/“Click here”
Chicken, Fish or Veggies
Where is your ideal holiday destination?
Germany, Munich in particular
What do you order at the bar?
Medium quality lager, rum later in the night
What was the first record you ever bought?
MMMBop by Hanson, on tape!

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