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Songkick logoYou know that feeling when you’re looking through your Facebook feed and you read about one of your friends who just had an amazing time at a gig. One of your favourite bands just tore up the stage and you didn’t have the foggiest. I can’t count the times that this has happened to me, but, thanks to my favourite app this will now be a thing of the past.


Songkick is an ingenious app which takes information from the music library on your phone, coupled with your geographical location and lets you know about the bands which are playing at which venues in your local area. Living in a city such as Manchester where there are a whole host of venues, this app really allows me to plan ahead and book tickets in advance, thus avoiding the aforementioned agony of finding out your favourite band were in town via your Facebook feed.

The app also acts as a community of music lovers; you can confirm your attendance to a gig on the app and start conversations with those who are also going to be there. This helps to build the excitement for the gig, and following the gig talk about the set list, share photos of your experience and start planning the next one. The app also has a suggested list which feeds off your musical tastes and makes suggestions of bands which you may not have heard of but who play similar music to a band which you do.

This app might not be my favourite app forever but at the moment, knowing that I’ll never unknowingly miss out on another awesome gig sees it firmly placed at the top of my list.

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