Lois Keogh – Project Manager

Lois Keogh

About Lois

Having spent my childhood wanting to be an Archaeologist I naturally went on to study Broadcasting at Salford University. Following my graduation (and a rather long holiday…6 months) I joined the team here at Access as an account executive. Ironically I hate writing about myself in any capacity and have spent the majority of the hottest summer in seven years moaning about how cold the office is, even though everybody else has been melting. 

Who is your favourite band?
Killswitch Engage.
What are your pet hates?
The windows being open in the office.
Chicken, Fish or Veggies?
Chicken and veggies.
Where is your ideal holiday destination?
What super power would you have?
Telepathic and telekinetic powers, like Jean Grey from X-men

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