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Access win landmark website project with The Poetry Archive

  —   25 April 2016   —   Access News

Access win landmark website project with The Poetry Archive

Access are ecstatic to announce a new and extensive website project with The Poetry Archive. The new win marks another exciting charity client win for the Manchester based marketing agency.

What is The Poetry Archive?

The Poetry Archive is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to make poetry accessible and enjoyable for all. Poetry started as an oral art form and The Poetry Archive aims to share poetry in its original auditory medium. Seeded in 1999 by Sir Andrew Motion and Richard Carrington, The Poetry Archive sought to rectify the then hugely lacking amount of audio recordings of modern poets and to preserve their voices for future generations

Hearing poetry by its author is a completely different experience to reading it, The Poetry Archive celebrates this and makes it possible to hear some of the greatest poets, both living and dead,  perform their own words. It’s a space for celebrating poetry out loud.

It’s a fantastic resource, which contains recordings of over 2000 poems available to listen to freely. Many famous names are associated to its excellent work, including the late poets Seamus Heaney and Felix Dennis and its President Daniel Day-Lewis. It’s clear why its famous patrons believe in its work; the site keeps the poetic form alive and celebrates its uniquely spoken archives.

How are Access working alongside The Poetry Archive?

To ensure the enjoyment of the spoken word is maintained by its users, Access are working alongside The Poetry Archive to optimise the site’s performance and carry out a complete site audit. Our work will ensure that the poetry is kept as accessible as possible. It will ensure a top notch delivery of The Poetry Archive’s services to its avid audience.

Hosting will be updated and user experience will also be analysed. We’re working to ensure the site performs at its best. Ongoing site support will be provided, as well as general maintenance to help keep The Poetry Archive secure and running at its best.

The Poetry Archive is one of a rosta of charity clients that Access work with to deliver an outstanding service. Our expertise in this area will ensure a thorough and expert delivery.

Our Digital Director, Mark Hope had this to say about the exciting new project;

“It’s great to add Poetry Archive to our growing number of culture and media clients - it’s a sector that provides interesting challenges which we enjoy.

As a charity, we understand their need to get value from everything they spend as they aim to make poetry accessible to a wider audience. We’re looking forward to using our expertise to help them do this more effectively.”

Nicola Wheldrake, Marketing and Development Manager for The Poetry Archive added,

"The Poetry Archive is an entirely online project and so it was critical for us to choose a partner agency that can help us to maximise our users enjoyment of the website.

We are really pleased to be working with Access, their knowledge of web optimisation is already proving very valuable and we're looking forward to making key improvements to the site across the coming months."


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