Simon Landi – Managing Director

Simon Landi

About Simon

As a graduate in Mechanical Engineering I was always destined for a career in Marketing. From the coalface of selling advertising space for BBC magazines in the 1980’s to working for Manchester’s most successful  advertising agency (BDH) in the 90’s, my poacher-turned-gamekeeper career has left me ideally placed to provide an holistic approach to any marketing problem.

I would much rather be in a client meeting working to build sales, reputation or value to customers than in my own boardroom. But having recently been through the government-funded Growth Accelerator programme, I am now trying to balance my time between creating an innovative, dynamic agency and providing clients and customers with long term strategic marketing success. 

Who is your favourite band?
What are your pet hates?
Traffic jams (they are pointless).
Chicken, Fish or Veggies?
What do you order at the bar?
A pint of Timothy Taylor's Landlord
What animal would be your spirit guide?
An Eagle

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