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The results of our Client Satisfaction Survey and what we’re doing next

  —   4 December 2017   —   Access News

You spoke, and we listened.

We’re constantly striving to improve and refine the services we provide for our clients. So, in September 2017, we carried out a survey to find out how we’re doing.

There are many reasons why we carried out the survey. We’re a growing agency, internal processes are changing, new teams are forming, there are more people involved in the delivery of work and we’re busy. But, have we maintained the consistent quality of excellent customer service that our clients have come to expect from us? And, more importantly, are they happy with our work? Well, the results are in and we’re excited to share them with you!

And this won’t be the only survey we’ll be completing. We’ll be carrying out a survey every year, using the last year’s results as a benchmark to exceed. Plus, for every survey completed, we’ll make a donation to our partner charity, 42nd Street.

The survey was designed to address three key areas:

START: Identify what else we could offer that we don’t currently, as well as confirmation of what more we could be doing for current clients above and beyond what we already deliver.

STOP: Be more aware of where we need to make changes or improvements to our current approach and/or processes.

CARRY ON: Get confirmation of what we’re doing well and what we should continue to do.

So, how did we do?

We’re pleased to report (phew!) that, overall, the feedback was very positive.

It’s great to hear that: 

  • Our clients enjoy working with us and think we do a really good job
  • We listen and understand what our clients want to achieve
  • We add value, offer expertise and valuable opinions
  • We are a friendly, enthusiastic bunch to work with

“82% of survey respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with our service”

The feedback from the survey has had a direct impact on our internal processes review and we’re excited to start making changes to improve our service.

Specifically, clients said we could improve on the following:

  • Pick up the phone more. Phone calls and conference calls could be used more.
  • Explain who does what. When onboarding a client or kicking off a project, better communication around who’s involved from the Access team and what their role and responsibility is, will help clients talk to the right people at the right time.
  • Sometimes less is more. We need more clearly defined roles around the use of collaboration tools in the delivery of a project - they have a valued role, we just have to make sure this doesn’t get confusing nor should it replace human interaction.
  • We often get pigeonholed. We are well known and well used by our survey sample for web design and development but less so for creative and ideas or strategy and planning. Some clients weren’t aware that we offered certain services, so there is a clear opportunity to showcase our wider offering more strongly.
  • Proactive progress updates. These do happen but it’s felt that we could do this even earlier, more regularly and more transparently than we currently do.
  • Knowledge sharing. Our clients would see the value in us sharing more industry insights, market research, best practice reports and offering more training. 

What’s next?

A detailed summary of the survey findings was shared with the whole Access team, and team leaders have already taken steps to address the areas of improvement identified in the feedback.

This has involved a full review of the project delivery process across all functions of the agency as well as assessing if there are any further areas where efficiency could be improved. We have a clear objective as a team to ensure the ‘average/neutral’ and ‘good/satisfied’ ratings are elevated to ‘excellent’ and ‘very satisfied’ in the next survey.

And finally, thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who responded to the survey. As you can see, we’ve truly taken the feedback onboard and will be developing and refining our offering going forward.

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