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Introducing our strategy and planning service; The Thinkery.

  —   23 January 2018   —   Access News

You can talk about the work of a marketing agency in many different ways and contexts. But what do we actually do?

Any way you look at it; we find solutions to problems.

Those problems come in many guises and the underlying factors aren’t always easy to spot. Our clients aren’t always aware a problem exists. Sometimes what we believe to be the root of a problem often transpires to be several other issues or something else completely.

Sometimes, problems look like the following;

  • I have targets which require my marketing budget to work harder
  • My brand needs to be stronger in the marketplace
  • My marcomms activity isn’t reaching or engaging with the right people
  • My website is not converting as well as it did last year
  • I’m struggling to reach new audiences
  • Where does brand X fit in our portfolio?

Getting to the crux of a business issue, gathering the relevant insight and formulating a plan that enables a business to achieve their objectives is a fundamental part of the service we offer. But it often ends up being the critical bit of the project that’s often overlooked in favour of showcasing a shiny new website or lovingly designed brand identity, despite this initial thinking being the reason we won the business in the first place.


So we decided we would make it something we did talk about, after all, it forms the foundations of every project we take on.

We thought long and hard about how we could package up and present our expertise and service offering in this area. Something visual and immediate to help us talk about the value of what we do more coherently and to make it easier for businesses to see how we can help them.

Introducing The Thinkery.

The Thinkery is a unique package of audience insight and strategic planning services, designed to solve marketing problems and help businesses overcome the challenges preventing them from being as profitable or as visible as they could be.

A lot of thought, time, effort and combination of skills goes into devising a marketing solution; just like the ingredients that go into a tasty, hoppy ale. Access can provide the critical ingredients needed to solve any business problem.

But enough from me, if you’re excited to learn more about how The Thinkery could help you, take a look at our workshop, research and strategy & planning services and get in touch. Together we’ll discover everything you need to smash your marketing goals in 2018.

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