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How to improve your ROI when it comes to digital marketing

Bethan Evans   —   13 October 2020   —   Opinion

If you want to engage and convert your audience, whether it be in a B2B or B2C sector, you need to meet them where they are. Even before Covid-19 we saw a mass movement to a reliance on digital technologies - the world was already heading online. All that Covid-19 did, was accelerate digital’s importance in our everyday lives, from shopping for the weekly shop to buying clothes, through to generating new online business leads.

But pouring money down the digital black hole is common for a wide range of companies. Unless you get your targeting, strategy and messaging right at the outset, the only companies making money from your digital marketing spend will be your agency, Google and Facebook.

That’s why we thought we’d put this top line guide together from the digitally savvy minds at Access to give you some top tips on how to improve your ROI when it comes to digital marketing.


Better UX delivers enhanced ROI

Talk about UX to many clients and their eyes glaze over. But more and more companies in the B2C and B2B world are discovering that better UX delivers impressive results in terms of ROI. Spending a bit of time and money on crafting a delightful user experience on any website can translate to massive revenue growth and savings. 

With 88% of customers less likely to return to a site after a bad user experience the focus on UX is easy to see. But UX isn’t just about design, it’s about intuitive online journeys, engaging in relevant content and optimising the chances of conversion therefore creating tangible business results. It also increases productivity as you’re not wasting time debating options and it enables developers to work smarter. 

At Access our approach is all about understanding your customers behaviour and making sure your user experience gets them where they want to be as quickly and smoothly as possible. We do this by using online behaviour tracking tools and conducting detailed user research to understand the wants and needs of potential customers. We also use such techniques as A/B split testing and ensuring we are serving them the information or products they know they are looking for through analysing clicks and other on-site behaviour.

If you want to know more about how UX can save you money and deliver more customers, just drop us a message and we’ll tell you more!


Effectively using data harvested through digital

At Access we have always been proud of our ability to show clients how to effectively use the huge amounts of data they have collected on customers through a wide variety of channels.

From social media activity to browsing data, online purchase behaviour and even geographical and personal details can all be harnessed across a wide range of digital marketing campaigns to create highly personal and effective comms.

The big gain in data is ensuring your marketing message is delivered not only to the right people at the right time, but also in a way that appeals to their motivations and overcomes any barriers. This is where we’ve delivered significant gains for our clients, and is one of the insights we are proud of offering.


Live streaming

From live interviews with influencers in different sectors to product promotions and tutorials, product launches, behind the scenes, educational seminars and competitions, companies are quickly realising that live streaming offers a dynamic way to boost online presence, increase conversion and generate excitement in a wide range of industry sectors.

Since 2018, live-stream video shopping has generated $4.4bn for mostly Chinese markets with a staggering 560m users. Thanks to Covid-19 this has now moved more global with a wide range of B2B and B2C brands understanding quickly the power of live-streaming on channels such as YouTube.

We have a long strong and long track record in creating impactful videos that ensure your key messages and benefits are delivered to the right audience at a time that suits them, so let us know if you want to find out more.


Enhanced digital personalisation

Every year we see advancements in digital personalisation and more and more brands are realising that making customers feel they are having a one-to-one experience is key to making customers feel valued and therefore drive online enquiries and sales.

Dynamic panels delivering products and services based in previous interactions to clever and thoughtful use of names in communications, there are lots of ways you can enhance your activity with a personal touch to increase engagement and conversion. 

Our Digital Director Mark has seen the need for personalisation tactics increase over the past 12 months, in particular stating that "having a relevant, contextual and individual interaction with a company is now the expectation of the customer – created by the ubiquitous use of services like Google, Netflix, Spotify and Uber. Brands are no longer exclusively evaluated on the products, or their cost, but increasingly on the experience received." And through the expansion of ‘low code’ or ‘no-code’ solutions, it is making personalisation technology more accessible and faster for a wider range of companies to implement and execute.


Go automated with the help of AI

One of the developments over the last few years that has surprised everyone, whether you work in marketing or not, is the advancement of chatbots to effectively replicate human conversations and convert enquiries and customers.


These days, business functions like customer service, sales and marketing, order processing, HR functions, payments and billing, and technical support are being managed by AI-chatbots almost independently without human intervention and more and more companies are benefiting from the sales and leads they drive, and of course the cost savings. 

It’s not just big budgets that unlock these features either. Any activity that turns a passive viewer into a participating viewer guarantees an enhanced ROI. At Access we have a strong track record of getting the ideas and messaging just right so it balances the fun with the enticement and the reward of interactive content.


Interactive social and TV advertising

Late last year, Facebook launched three new interactive features for their advertising platform. From polls to augmented reality to gamified adverts, they have helped brands engage and increase response quickly and have been highlighted as one of the advertising success-stories of lockdown, as people look to brands to engage and entertain them.

It's not just Facebook that are in on the game either. YouTube has long provided the ability to have 360-degree content on its platform and even the humble interactive online banner ad that activates web cams has seen a resurgence thanks to the popularity of platforms like Zoom.

Not to be left out, the humble TV advert has got in on the interactive act. At Access we’ve recently created a suite of IAds that let you carry on watching the content on Channel 4, E4, More4 and Film4 whilst also enjoying the interactive content from a brand.


To find out more about advancements in digital marketing and how Access could help you enhance your digital ROI, email [email protected].

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