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Once a month, we make sure we take some time out of our schedules to look at what's going on in the ad campaign world. Not only does it mean that the creative and client services teams get to have a catch up, it's also a great opportunity for everyone to bring to the table the ads they've spotted so we can keep on top an eye on the noteworthy campaigns out there, and keep our creative juices flowing.

In September, we saw big shifts once again in terms of Covid-19 restrictions and virtual calls remaining the top way to communicate with family and friends. And not missing a beat, the ads out there followed suit...


1. Metropolitan Transportation Authority

One of the first campaigns we looked at was the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority, who has launched their “The State of Respect" creative campaign.

With some workers in New York returning to their offices, and getting back onto public transport, this campaign was designed to promote wearing masks across the transport system. Abby, our Account Executive who spotted this campaign, said "this is the most creative campaign I have seen throughout the pandemic, and because of that it really resonated with me and is the only piece of marketing promoting mask wearing that I've remembered".

With bright colours, and the use of the New York state outline as the mask, this campaign by ad agency Conquistadors and the 12 artists commissioned for the designs, have really captured the spirit of New York and the essence of coming together to protect your neighbor.


2. Virgin Media

Next up our Head of Creative, Adam, showed the recent Virgin Media's "Stay in love, stay connected" video advert - again nodding to the current crisis and the use of social media and apps for communication, and in particular, for those in relationships.

With its wide variety of shot types and all centered around the different ways we all use the internet, Adam felt it captured real life really well. Not to mention with the upbeat music and diegetic sounds that really help to add to the experience that this really is 'real life', it's a feel good ad all around.


3. Apple

Sticking to the theme of internet and technology, we have Apple's latest advert focussing on the very crucial topic of privacy.

Brought to the table by Frankie, our Head of Client Services, she thought this was a solid, uncomplicated idea that was executed really well - simply and with relatable humour - making a clear point and continuing Apple's narrative of letting the product do the talking.

We all know that talking about cyber security and privacy isn't something that's easy to make entertaining and its serious nature is often mirrored with a serious tone, so this light-hearted take on a weighty topic is a refreshing way to get people to sit up and take notice - while also making us smile!


4. Adobe

With our eagle-eyed creative team always on the lookout for innovative campaigns while designing creatives themselves, it's no wonder that Adobe Photoshop's "Fantastic Voyage" video was chosen.

Chosen by Dave, our Creative Director, he said "It made me smile! It's a feel good ad with lots of cool and fun little moments, whilst showing off the creative possibilities of the product they're selling and the diverse creatives that use it."

Showcasing some of Photoshop's features such as the blurring tool and selection tool, and the different creative themes, we all thought it was a really creative way of showcasing the many possibilities Photoshop can offer into day to day life.


5. Ikea

Another key area that's been on lots of people's minds during lockdown is wellbeing - and in particular, making sure we're getting enough sleep! Ikea, well known for their innovative ways of bringing products to life, has done just that again in their "Tomorrow starts tonight" campaign by agency Mother London.


The print campaign is in it's second installment, and is all about celebrating sleep and how the more you sleep, the more you get out of life. With creams, pills and drinks out there trying to define how and when we should be awake and asleep, this campaign is challenging those fads.

Bethan, Marketing Manager, loved that it is in fact just saying, if you've got a comfy duvet and pillows, that's all you need for a decent night's sleep - and we can sell you just that. The ads are simplistic, and powerful, and are definitely not a yawn.


So there you have it - our favourite ads we saw in September. Let us know what you think in the comments below, or if there's any we missed! And come back next month for our next installment of the ads that we love.

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