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The Funniest Advertising of 2016 So Far

Ruth Hartnoll   —   25 April 2016   —   Creative & Design

The funniest advertising of 2016 so far

Last week saw some of the finest advertising in the world celebrated at Advertising Week Europe. In light of the amazing work being created we thought we’d share some of our favourite funny adverts of the year so far.

Serious issues, holidays and shopping are all given the humorous treatment - and the results are fantastic. Take a look at some of the best funny adverts of 2016 so far. You can even let us know in our poll which ones were your favourite.

What the Fu*k have you done?

By: Dare  
For: Mellon Educate

Mellon Educate wanted to get across the importance of how you spend your time. To do this, an over voice informs us how much time we spend on Facebook, having sex, eating, staying awake at night, working - anything that makes up the average human life.

It highlights the ‘spoonful of opportunity’ you have to do something worthwhile with your time. Really, “What the Fu*k have you done with your life?”. It’s a big question, answered in a very simple way. The final call to action is even smarter: “Are you just going to sit there? Doing nothing? Oh, there goes another grain of sand then”. Its humour is empowering; at the end of watching it you really do just want to ‘do or donate.’

If it’s not yes, it’s no

By: Juniper Park/TBWA      
For: Project Consent

Consent is a hot topic at the moment, and Project Consent’s work is outstanding in this field. Humour is used as a vehicle for thought; it makes you think because it’s funny. In comparison to other adverts in this area, this is a deliberately literal interpretation of the issue. In 2015 The Tea Consent video covered the same issue, using humour, but in a less direct way. This advert fully recognises there really is nothing like sexual consent - it’s about sex, and these adverts keep the subject matter bravely within that arena.


By: The Lane Agency     
For: Caledonian MacBrayne

The Lane Agency have taken what could be an uninspiring brand and injected huge amounts of personality. Using two central characters of ‘The Eejits’ this advert embraces its meta, Wes Anderson styled series of adverts and takes the brand to a completely unexpected place. It’s a surprising and funny ad - just what you need to convince people to go to the outer reaches of The Heberdines. Caledonian MacBrayne, we salute your bravery.


By: Clemenger BBDO, Wellington       
For: NZ Transport Agency

Road safety adverts are usually a fairly shocking school of advertising. Gore, upset and brutality are often used to shock a viewer into thinking about their actions; there are real world consequences to you being an idiot in your car.

The NZ Transport Agency have taken a different tact for this new advert however; they’ve embraced humour to create a conversation around a serious issue. Everyone is guilty of checking their phone whilst driving; particularly if you commute. This advert’s humour makes you think twice about your actions before checking what your other half is cooking you for dinner.

Let’s Create Colour

By: WCRS    
For: B & Q

There seems to be a whole rash of adverts using anthropomorphised creatures at present, but the B&Q Let’s Colour advert is an excellent example of it being done right. Fred the zebra walks us through his flamboyant colour choices, allowing you to see the full range of B&Q’s colour match services. It’s got a northern accent, fabulous wardrobe and a talking Zebra - it would have been so easy to get it wrong. But it’s just so right.  

Flaunt your breath

By: McCann New York     
For: Dentyne

One from the Americans here, Dentyne are an unknown brand over here - but this advert is sure to give them profile. Hinged on the simple idea of ‘flaunt your breath’ this series of adverts are several executions of showing off your minty-fresh breath to fellow elevator passengers. It’s perfectly timed, brilliantly acted and just plain funny. A simple idea, executed perfectly.

What's the funniest advert of 2016 so far?
What the Fu*k have you done?
If it’s not yes, it’s no
Let's Create Colour
Flaunt your breath

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