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Liam’s Websites of the Month - Bumper May edition

Liam Walsh   —   1 June 2016   —   Opinion

Liam’s Websites of the Month - May Edition

Hi, I’m Liam. I’m one of Access’s Front End Developers. Once a month I’m going to show you the weirdest, funniest, smartest websites I’ve come across and put them all in one place for your consumption. We all need a rest from work occasionally, and these sites are a great way to take a brain break. If you’ve got any sites that you’d like to share then I’d love to hear about them @accessdigital - the weirder the better. But for now, disappear down the rabbit hole with me; it’s going to be a trip.

1. Animal Made

Animal made

Animal Made are animation specialists based in Pasadena, California. They’ve worked on some big names, including Warner Bros - but what’s really impressive is their own site. From a melting menu to scary-looking fuzzies that interact with your mouse when you scroll over them, this site turns scrolling into a fun game. Even the drop down menu looks like scales on a monster’s back. It’s a creaturely, wacky site that needs to be experienced. Get clicking!

2. Montegnies


Montegnies is essentially a programmer showing off. So I like it a lot. This site is an exploration of what browsers are capable of now (depending on how fast your computer is) and allows you, as a user, to interact by creating your own little grass and tree world. You get to decide how many rocks and trees go into it and then you get to walk around your own little world. Try it and let us know what you think!


This site is essentially a story telling site. Google give us insights into how they created some of their most recognisable pieces of software, such as Gmail. The twist is that it’s written for both the general public those with a bit more in-depth knowledge. Each one comes with a code-written title and a word written title - it’s just people showing off again, so I’m on board.

4. Instant Logo Search


Instant logo search

Super useful if you’re a designer, or are in need of a well-known brand’s logo; Instant Logo Search is your new best friend. It does exactly what it says on the tin; find a logo, instantly. It’s a time saver and easy to use; perfect.

5. Ippy Con

Ippy con

An ippy is a strange creation birthed from the internet and no one really knows why they exist or how they came into being. However, should you feel an emoji just isn’t enough then an ippy is sure to make a suitable substitute. Copy, paste, ippy. It’s that simple. And strange.

Join us in June for another trip down the click hole with Liam’s Weird Websites of the Month.

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