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Liam's websites of the Month - Presidential Edition

Liam Walsh   —   8 November 2016   —   Opinion

Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton debate run

November 8th 2016... the date a lot of people have been counting down to... the presidential race to the White House will be over.

Welcome to the special Presidential Edition of LWOTM. This is the biggest listing of LWOTW's for any one blog post. It's been hard to limit the list to just 11 due to the shear number of websites and microsites that have popped up due to this historical presidential race. There have been so many things to talk about round this election and people have sprung at the opportunity to create some buzz around the race. Buckle up chaps it's gonna be a humdinger!

1. Hire the Donald

This is possibly my favourite site on this list. It mockingly details all of Donald Trump's qualifications to be president. It fuels people to vote for Hillary Clinton, highlighting the crazed business man's credentials and quotes. Pulling content from genuine sources is impressive and there are some cute interactive elements such as the endorsement section which moves positive actions when you try to click them definitely worth a look.

2. Clinton and Trump Said...

Trying to find that infamous quote from Donald or want to know what Hillary thinks about gun control? This website searches Youtube videos from both candidates and finds quotes from their speeches. Useful for all those times Donald says "I didn't say that!" Yes Donald you did, you definitely did.

3. Pussy Grabber

Those easily offended might jump and squirm at the title of this website but fear not, the premise of this website is to grab as many cats as possible in a time limit. Obviously playing off of the infamous quote from the viral video this website is nothing to fear, just bad humour.

4. The Donald Test

Ever wondered who you sounded more like, Hillary or Donald? Neither have I! But with this website they can analyse your Twitter profile tweets to see who you sound like. Those who'd rather not have the ugly truth revealed enter at your own risk, here be dragons and all.

5. And the next President is

A very simple website blends the two presidential candidates profile pictures together based on the current poll results to let you know which candidate is closest to winning. The face of the next president has never looked so terrifying!

6. Count Yourself In

Getting people to the polls has never been more important than it has been for this upcoming election for America and this website provides all the information for people to see how things are turning out the history of their state's voting. Urging people to make sure they're registered to vote and making sure people know the stats.

7. Trump for Valentines

Donald Trump has provided some memorable moments in the presidential race, they range from lunacy to absolute filth, so what better way to tell your significant other you love them with a Valentine's day card with one of Trump's finest? Not a serious business (they’re not for sale) but you can download the template, or tweet it.

8. Election Rewind

Missed what happened in September/October during all the debates? Ever wondered what happened to Bernie Sanders? Was it always a two horse race? Take a load of this interactive timeline for the race to the White House. It details all the important moments along the way and when people dropped out. Worth a look back to see what you might have missed.

9. Presidential Selfie

Everyone in the world by now must have at least featured in one selfie, the 21st century cannot allow anyone to escape it's arm-stretched clutch! Some people are addicted to collecting them with celebrities etc, well now they can can cross two more of their list! This website allows you to upload a photo and have your selfie with either Trump or Hillary. Photoshop master at the ready!

10. Trump Rolled

I can name only one person on this earth who likes being Rick Rolled and that's the great man himself, Rick Astley. The last website on this list allows you to setup a prank call as either Hillary or Trump and even emails you the resulting phone conversation (if they stay on the phone long enough). Click here to see our test prank call.

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