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Liam’s Websites of the Month - June Edition

Liam Walsh   —   21 June 2016   —   Opinion

Liam’s Websites of the Month - June Edition

Man vector designed by Freepik

Hello once again everyone! Another month means that a whole new host of lovely websites have been collated for your browsing pleasure. Let’s take a whistle stop tour of beautiful, modern design to the downright crazy and fun! Buckle up.

1. Session Japan

Session Japan homepage

Session Japan is a small company that create fully guided and unique tours around Japan. They only take small groups to be able to deliver a more personal and intimate excursion for all involved. Their website is a shining example of what can be done with minimal design on the web. Everything from the elegant typography to the colour palette, is carefully thought out to reflect its delicate Asian influences. It’s a beauty to behold.

2. Taking a line for a walk

Taking a line for a walk homepage

Taking a Line for a walk was inspired by its creator making his signature art through an iPad, rather than traditional materials. He wanted to create something that could change how lines are drawn on a digital canvas to form a different approach to digital drawing. This website shows that if you think outside the box and question the way things are normally done then you can get better results.

3. Statamic

Statamic homepage

Statamic is a flat-file CMS built on the widely popular PHP framework Laravel (specifically Laravel 5.1). The developers at Statamic have developed a CMS that doesn't rely on a database to store website content, instead it’s stored as content files.

Quite a revolutionary thought, but what's even better is the website which sells the product is filled with just as much love, fun and attention to detail as it's shipping product! The Trail Guides illustrate this excellently. Couple their unique copy style with elegant and modern web design and it's ticking all the boxes.

4. Powerpuff Yourself

Powerpuff Yourself homepage

Powerpuff Yourself was unique in the list because it was chosen from this Twitter poll - I simply couldn't decide which I loved more; Powerpuff Girls or Pokemon!

Simply put, if you ever wanted to know what you might look like as a Powerpuff Girl, now you can! This website makes impressive use of SVGs, a wonderful Javscript library called Vue.js along with sugar, spice and everything nice. It’s fun and inspiring.

5. Adrian Zumbrunnen

Adrian Zumbrunnen homepage

Here is Adrian Zumbrunnen a UX and UI Designer from Zurich, Switzerland with a very different kind of portfolio website. Instead of the usual opening in modern web design with a big splash image and evocative caption, he opens his website up with a conversation that you can respond to; he invites you to engage on a more personal level. Pair that with a clear and concise website structure and you have a winner.

6. O RLY Cover Generator

O RLY Cover Generator homepage

How many of you have read an O’Reilly book? If you're in the web industry from anywhere since it's conception till now then you probably have your hand up in answer to this question. The O RLY Generator allows you to generate your own hilarious, quick-witted and/or pun-tastic O’Reilly book covers with animals to boot!

7. WipEout (PSX) – Model Viewer

Wipeout PSX homepage

Remember an era before online gaming? Remember when you had to play with someone sat next to you? One such game was Wipeout, a single and multiplayer racing game that delivered high speed futuristic racing to the Playstation 1.

I remember the game for it's crazy tracks, futuristic settings and sheer speed of racing. Well PhobosLab has managed to reverse engineer the racing tracks to be viewable through the web with the magic of WebGL! An impressive feat to say the least.

8. Saxons Place

Saxons Place homepage

Welcome to Saxons Place! This website is a place full of colour and vibrance! Standing out from the crowd of monotonous websites, this website uses its character and subtle use of animation to display a variety of colourful illustrations to draw the eye to every inch of the screen, without overpowering the eye.

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